Tango Neutral Weekend 2

Ivica Anteski - Macedonia

Ivica has been a regular Dj and organizer of milongas in Skopje for four years. Following the principle that playing music is like dancing on the dance floor with all the dancers at the same time, his musical expression is determined by his permanent communication with those who dance. Always following as much as possible the sensibility of the milongas in Buenos Aires, his music sticks to tradition, balancing between rhythm and melody.

DJ Ivica

Besides organizing milongas in Skopje, he is an owner and instructor of the school Tango milonguero Skopje.

He has played music in Mestre, Venice and Pradamano/Udine (Italy), Lisboa (Portugal), Belgrade, Nis and Novi Sad (Serbia), Sofia and Varna (Bulgaria), Thessaloniki, Florina and Parga (Greece), Constanta (Romania) and had appearances with Beltango (Serbia) and Tango Trio (Macedonia).

DJ Ivica

Belgrade Tango Association Guarnerius